This is Single guideline for Washing all our products.

Finally no fuss on the washing instructions.

Our silk pillowcases are easy to clean and maintain and you don’t have
read a whole book of instruction manual 🙂 to maintain it.

Care Steps:

1) Use a mild liquid detergent to wash few drops are enough for wash your delicate pillowcase.
2) Use mild lukewarm or cold water so that it can he hand-washed, soak for 4-8 minutes not more than that.
3) Agitate/tumble wash and remove the dirt and residue, wash with fresh water.
4) Maintain integrity of fibers by avoiding wringing, pulling and twisting while rinsing
5) Put silk on towel and make roll to rinse/extract water and hang dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

Things to be avoided

  • Washing Machine- Since we have to maintain the longevity and silk properties for its benefits, its best to ditch the machine and best do it by your very own hands it will be easier and faster.
  • Do not rub with any cloth cleaning brush with sharp bristles.
  • Do not bleach or use any enzymes or fabric brightening/softening products, however safe they promise.
  • Do not put any oils, chemicals, sprays, perfume, deo to enhance or improve the benefits, our product do not require it.
  • Do not Dry-clean Our silk cases are easy to maintain at home and does not need expensive dry cleaning.

Ironing: Use dry iron Keeping the temperature setting on the lowest or SILK MODE if available, Iron from inside/reverse side only, don’t worry about fine Wrinkles it will ease out once you place it over the pillow for sometime.

That’s all folks… don’t sweat over the small stuff…enjoy your Ubersilk goodies.


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