Tips to take good care of your essential silk items!


Since you have your hands on your essential silk items, here is a little rundown of how you should deal with them so they could serve you for an extensive stretch of time. 🙂 

Kindly don’t essential silk items in the washing machine! 

The unparalleled way which strikes a chord when we talk about washing bedding is to toss essential silk items in the washing machine. Wash, douse, and turn – the works! Be that as it may, think about this, we disclosed to you our essential silk items are stylish, impeccable and heavenly; so what makes you believe it will be dealt with like only some other cushion case? A high maintenance pillowcase 

Here are the right wash care tips to keep your essential silk items delicate, silky, smooth and fresh out of the box new! 

essential silk items

  • Never under any circumstance ever-EVER toss your essential silk items into the washing machine. Something so pure and eminent must be hand washed. 
  • Continuously wash with room mild water (for example 30 degrees) and utilize a mellow cleanser, or far superior – exceptionally planned silk shampoos to wash. 
  • OK, it may be elusive silk shampoos, so simply include one tablespoon conditioner like Genteel or Safewash while washing your pillowcase. 
  • Handle wet silk with affection and care since it’s somewhat sensitive.
  • Move the texture tenderly from side to side when splashed, don’t wash overwhelmingly. 
  • For light hues – Don’t save your essential silk items in water for longer than 5 minutes and afterwards wash it out with cold water. 
  • For dull hues or prints – Don’t drench the essential silk items; simply wash it out rapidly with cold water. 
  • Include a teaspoon of vinegar to this flushing water to totally expel the cleanser from the silk. 
  • Try not to wring or bend! 
  • To expel the staying fluid, wrap your essential silk items otherwise known as a pillowcase in a dry towel. 
  • You should drape the essential silk items to air dry, however never open it to coordinate daylight. 

Presently that your pillowcase is sparkling new and looking new, it’s an ideal opportunity to get the resolving board. We have the specific expertise – so please read these directions cautiously. 

  • Reveal the silk, tenderly. Fix it from the corner, tenderly. Iron it, did we notice delicately? 
  • Never at any point iron silk excessively hot, simply don’t. Simply recall, silk is a protein structure like human hair – envision what will befall your hair when presented to a lot of warmth! 
  • Utilize a soggy setting or put your iron onto silk mode for best outcomes. 
  • Got a few wrinkles left on your stunning pillowcase? Don’t you stress, we generally have you secured. Simply drape it in the restroom while you shower and let stickiness expel the wrinkles for you. 

essential silk items

OK, we’re nearly done. Since we have set up your item as stand-out, it plainly needs exceptional treatment. This isn’t a lot of considering the advantages and advantages you’re getting! Only a couple of more “please don’ts” and “don’t consider it” and you’re a silk care ace. 

  • Never shower your pillowcase with scent or antiperspirants 
  • Never Bleach silk 
  • Never open your pillowcase to coordinate daylight 
  • Try not to shower your pillowcase with water while pressing it 
  • Try not to attempt to treat any individual stains with water – call us to get the answer for such issues! 


How to Wash Silk: The Basics!

When it comes to washing silk, there are a few rules you’ll need to bear in mind to protect the garment you’re washing. Whether you need to wash by hand or in a machine, it’s important you keep the following in mind.

  • Check the instructions on the garment’s fabric care label. The fabric care label tells you how that specific item needs to be washed and cared for.
  • Never wash with chlorine bleach. It can damage your clothing’s natural fibres.
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight. Exposing your garment too long bursts of sunlight can cause the colours to fade or even damage your silk fabrics.
  • Do not tumble dry. Silk is very delicate and the high temperatures of the tumble dryer can shrink or damage your silks.
  • Use a detergent for delicates. Studio by Tide Delicates Liquid Laundry Detergent has been specifically designed to take care of silk.
  • Check for colourfastness. Some silk garments may bleed in the wash, so test a damp area by dabbing with a wet, white cloth to see if any colour leaks onto it.

essential silk itemsYour fabric care label can tell you a lot about the garment. If the label says “Dry Clean,” this is usually just a recommendation to take the item to a dry cleaner, but it’s best to gently hand wash the garment if you choose to wash it at home. “Dry Clean Only” on the other hand means that the piece of clothing is very delicate, and it’s safer to take it to a professional.

Presently you’re on the way to keep your dearest pillowcase feeling smoother than any time in recent memory and resembling a million bucks! 

We need to enable you to release your normal excellence so you generally resemble a Goddess! 

Let’s never have a bedhead again!


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