Use a pure mulberry silk pillowcase for better results!

Sleeping on silk – when an all around left well enough alone of beauty insiders – has gone standard. Pure silk bedding has become an incredible enemy of maturing items, and in light of current circumstances: utilizing a silk pillowcase conveys a wonder lift to hair and skin while managing internal heat level and lessening presentation to allergens. 


So, it’s time to give your hair and skin a proper care routine! Ubersilk Pure Mulberry Pillow Cases are one such beauty product to buy to care for yourself!

Pure mulberry silk pillowcase

Silk has novel properties that make it different from different sorts of texture of cloth. Alongside being hypoallergenic, mulberry silk filaments are covered with sericin, a protein that makes them normally antibacterial, antifungal and impervious to tidy bugs and form. Silk likewise contains 18 accommodating amino acids that work condition hair and skin. Obviously, silk is a definitive texture for extravagance and comfort, one that practically ensures a decent night’s sleep, and is heat resistant too.


Changing from a cotton pillowcase to a pure mulberry silk pillowcase is a savvy delight move. A silk mulberry cushion can improve what you look like and feel from multiple points of view: 


  • Forestalling tangles, bed head, and hair breakage, particularly on wavy or bunched up hair 
  • Helping skin and hair hold basic dampness 
  • Decreasing grinding on the skin and limiting sleep wrinkles 
  • Shielding touchy skin from disturbance (silk is normally hypoallergenic!) 
  • Managing internal heat level 

  • How pure mulberry silk pillowcases help with allergies?


Silk is notable for looking and feeling lavish. It’s likewise perfect for anybody experiencing allergies or delicate and sensitive skin. As we noted above, silk strands are covered with a protein known as sericin. Sericin repulses dust parasites, which are a significant wellspring of unfavorably susceptible bothering.


Sericin likewise makes silk impervious to shape, parasite, and microorganisms. This implies silk texture is normally hypoallergenic. An unadulterated silk pillowcase is a brilliant bedding decision that is non-bothering for a wide range of skin. These pure mulberry pillowcases are devoid of all the harmful chemicals and pesticides for the skin and hair, and thus made from 100% pure silk from Indian silkworms. 


  • How pure mulberry silk pillowcases help your Skin?

pure mulberry silk pillowcaseNotwithstanding being hypoallergenic and non-disturbing, silk is incredible for helping skin hold dampness and oppose wrinkles. 


To comprehend why it’s useful to inspect the differences between protein-based silk and plant-based cotton. Known for being normally permeable, cotton texture really expels dampness from skin. Cotton likewise adds to facial lines and wrinkles by pulling and pulling on fragile facial skin while we’re sleeping; as we age, skin can’t bounce back as effectively and those “sleep wrinkles” remain around for any longer, and may even get perpetual. 


As we age, our skin loses the ability to lock in moisture for long for a healthy skin and hair. 


Conversely, pure silk is protein-based and assists skin with holding its characteristic dampness. Silk is likewise inconceivably smooth to the touch, which decreases grinding on sensitive facial skin; this limits the event of sleep wrinkles. Simultaneously, silk is hypoallergenic and non-bothering. A mulberry silk pillowcase is delicate enough for anybody with touchy skin; those with basic conditions like skin inflammation, rosacea, dermatitis, or extreme dryness; and even youngsters. 


  • How pure mulberry silk pillowcases help your Hair ?


Whatever your hair type, if you wake with a head brimming with tangles, you can almost certainly accuse harm from your cotton pillowcase. Cotton filaments have surface, and can tangle and pull at hair while you sleep. Trading your cotton pillowcase for silk will permit your hair to delicately skim over its smooth surface, regardless of the amount you thrash around. You’ll wake with another morning look: smoother, silkier, and without tangle. 


The pure mulberry silk pillowcases have a special quality of not sucking out all the essential oils like a sponge from your hair while sleeping. Considering this, it is very essential to protect your hair from getting devoid of all the natural oils by not sleeping on fabrics that suck out all the oils while sleeping.


Alongside tearing at hair, cotton denies it of fundamental dampness. A cotton pillowcase can really act like a converse conditioner, particularly if your hair is coarse, wavy, or wiry. Protein-based silk assists hair with holding dampness; actually, numerous hair conditioners are made with sericin protein from silk. The delicacy and dampness holding properties of silk texture settle on it as a fantastic decision for anybody encountering hair misfortune or hair breakage; silk supports hair fingernail skin and secures delicate regrowth. Pure silk frill, for example, head scarves and scrunchies are different alternatives for keeping hair and scalp ensured and saturated nonstop. 


  • How pure mulberry silk pillowcases help you sleep better?


One of the primary reasons individuals love sleeping on a silk pillowcase is that it feels astounding. It’s delicate, smooth, and the ageless pith of extravagance and comfort. Be that as it may, there’s all the more uplifting news: silk has the exceptional property of being breathable and assisting with controlling internal heat level. 


This implies silk pillowcases can keep you comfortable in warm and chilly climates. In contrast to cotton, which assimilates dampness, silk wicks away dampness to keep you cool and dry. In colder temperatures, silk’s low conductivity implies that the fiber can make a slim layer of protection that will keep you warm. By helping you control internal heat level in all conditions, silk makes it workable for you to get an incredible night of comfortable rest all year. 


  • How Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases avoid sucking out all the essential oils from your hair and skin while sleeping ?


Ubersilk Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases are made from pure 100% silk from the silkworms. These pillowcases are manufactured such that they don’t absorb all the essential oils from your hair while sleeping. Unlike other pillowcases, these pure mulberry silk pillowcases are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the sleeping hours. With most people spending 7-8 hours a night sleeping on a pillowcase, it is vital to protect your hair’s natural oils by not sleeping on fabrics that suck these oils out of your hair like a sponge. As we age, our skin loses the ability to Lock in Moisture.


Loads Of Moisture Can Escape From Your Skin While You Sleep. 


This moisture loss, compounded by night after night of collagen-weakening sleep lines, is bad news for your complexion. If you repeatedly sleep in the same position, form the same sleep lines, and deplete skin elasticity in the same areas, it could cause permanent lines to form.


  • Ubersilk Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases: Easy to Care For 


Ubersilk Pure Mulberry Silk pillowcases are machine launderable. Wash them in a different, silk-just, load. Turn silk pillowcases back to front before washing, and spot all silk things in fine work clothing sacks to help shield the silk from tearing. This is especially significant if your machine has a fomenter system. Secure silk’s common filaments by utilizing a cleanser plainly marked as having a nonpartisan pH. This will help keep up the honesty of your texture with each wash. Drape silk to dry, indoor or out, away from direct daylight. Iron sparingly on the coolest setting. Adhering to these care directions will help keep your silk pillowcases beautiful and lavish for years to come. 


pure mulberry Silk Pillowcase

We established Pure Mulberry Silk with one straightforward crucial plan: the most excellent silk things in the market and offer them at an affordable cost. What’s more, we’ve done quite recently that, with a full scope of silk items produced using 100% pure mulberry long strand silk texture. The silk texture utilized for our pillowcases has likewise been manufactured in India, to be liberated from chemicals.


The silkworms which produce this silk are fed only Mulberry leaves which makes the resulting silk most refined than other types of silk.


It is made up of long individual fibres and is pure white in colour. Mulberry Silk provides the shine and fluidity that is desired in every fabric.


Get your 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases today!


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