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What Is Silk? 

Silk is a characteristic protein fiber customarily created by a couple dozen sorts of bugs far and wide. Customarily, just the silk of silkworms has ever been gathered for materials. It was first evolved in old China around 8,500 years prior, and by 1100 BCE Chinese silk was found in Egypt. The Chinese monitored their prized formulas so well that the Europeans didn’t make sense of how to make silk for an additional 1,600 years. By the Middle Ages, be that as it may, it was one of the most looked for after textures in presence. 

Silk has been related with extravagance since the beginning. Today, genuine silk despite everything orders significant costs. Like quality cotton, silk requires more ability and exertion to mesh into a material. Likewise, similar to cotton, producers will now and again blend different sorts of textures in with the silk fibers to diminish the cost however keep up the surface of the material. Be cautious with this since it can influence the permeability, hypo-allergenic properties, and frictionless surface which make silk so important as a pillowcase. 

Silk has novel properties that make it different from different sorts of texture of cloth. Alongside being hypoallergenic, mulberry silk filaments are covered with sericin, a protein that makes them normally antibacterial, antifungal and impervious to tidy bugs and form. Silk likewise contains 18 accommodating amino acids that work condition hair and skin. Obviously, pure silk pillowcases is a definitive texture for extravagance and comfort, one that practically ensures a decent night’s sleep, and is heat resistant too.



Changing from a cotton pillowcases to a pure silk pillowcases is a savvy delight move. Pure silk pillowcases can improve what you look like and feel from multiple points of view: 

  • Forestalling tangles, bed head, and hair breakage, particularly on wavy or bunched up hair 
  • Helping skin and hair hold basic dampness 
  • Decreasing grinding on the skin and limiting sleep wrinkles 
  • Shielding touchy skin from disturbance (silk is normally hypoallergenic!) 
  • Managing internal heat level 

The benefits of the pure silk pillowcases cannot be overstated. Cotton pillowcases, though popular, can actually be damaging to hair and skin for the following reasons:

  1. Cotton creates friction that leads to both bed-head and irreparable damage to hair overtime. Not a good look.
  2. Cotton conducts heat that detracts from your beauty sleep and causes night sweats. Totally not cool (pun intended.)
  3. Cotton absorbs moisture from your skin that is essential for keeping your skin vivacious as you age. It quite literally sucks!

On the other hand, pure silk pillowcases are naturally smooth, non-absorbent, and temperature-regulating, not to mention hypoallergenic. Compared to common cotton pillowcases, pure silk pillowcases are great for improving the look and feel of your hair and skin, stay cleaner, and feel amazing to sleep on.

Natural fabrics, such as cotton, flannel, and linen, are soft, extremely absorbent fabrics. Cotton, for example, has the ability to absorb up to 27 times its weight in water and hold onto it. This is because cotton consists mostly of cellulose, a hydrophilic (water-loving) polysaccharide.

While highly absorptive fabrics come in handy for your bath towels, these natural fabrics might be some of the worst to use for your bedding. Our bodies naturally lose moisture and oils as we sleep, which end up being absorbed into our pillowcase. This causes friction and our skin sticks to the fabric, which can lead to creases and over time, more lines and wrinkles. Also, the buildup of sweat and oil in the fabric can cause or worsen acne.



Pillowcases which show a reflexive surface and the smoothness of silk – however aren’t silk – are referred to by and large as satin. Satin is in fact a sort of weaving as opposed to a kind of texture. In spite of the fact that satin was customarily produced using silk, today it’s normal to discover satin produced using an assortment of engineered fibers including polyester, rayon, acetic acid derivation, and cotton. 

The capacity to make satin from manufactured textures implies that it’s regularly substantially more adaptable and flexible than genuine silk. This makes it an alluring material for things like unmentionables in view of the manner in which it wraps the figure. Unlike a pure silk pillowcase, satin is substantially more prone to move with your developments so your hair rubs against the surface significantly less. 

PURE SILK PILLOWCASESA Word of Caution About Satin 

In spite of the likenesses between the words, sateen isn’t equivalent to satin. Like satin, sateen is made from a weave identified with the satin weave. Be that as it may, though satin is regularly an engineered fiber, sateen is normally woven utilizing cotton. The sateen weave is one of the ways cotton makers produce bed sheets which are smooth and silky however don’t accompany the sticker price of high string check cotton. 

Sateen is staggeringly normal in the realm of bed cloths. In spite of its appearance, it can at present visit harm upon your hair since it holds cotton’s water-wicking properties. Try not to be tricked. 


Points of interest of pure Silk pillowcases Over Satin pillowcases

Silk and satin are both extraordinary decisions for pillowcases, yet every texture has its own particular points of interest. Numerous individuals lean toward silk on the grounds that: 

  • It relaxes. Your head and hair won’t get covered or overheated. 
  • It’s hypoallergenic. It’s normally impervious to growth, shape, parasites, and allergens. 
  • It doesn’t include manufactured materials. It’s a characteristic fiber, for the individuals who wish to keep their excellence routine and natural. 
  • It may help with your composition. Got skin break out? Attempt the pure silk pillowcases and check whether that doesn’t resist clear. 
  • If you wish to rest in pure extravagance, at that point silk is the best approach. Your hair, skin, and internal characteristic excellence will thank you for it. 


Favourable circumstances of Satin Over pure Silk pillowcases

If the sheer sticker price and richness of genuine silk makes you anxious, dread not! With regards to your hair, satin delivers the equivalent attractive impacts in addition to different points of interest which make it helpful. Satin is: 

  • It ordinarily costs a third to a large portion of the cost of silk. 
  • All the more promptly accessible. Since satin is made from basic materials like polyester, it’s a lot simpler to discover it. 
  • Simpler to clean. You can toss a satin pillowcase into the wash with the remainder of your clothing. 
  • It may be milder. You may really favour the vibe of satin since it will in general be silkier than genuine silk. 
  • Pick satin when you need the benefits of silk in addition to the cutting edge comforts managed by manufactured fiber. 

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Start Your Night Off Right with a Satin Pillowcase 

Ideally, we’ve helped you simplify the decision of a satin versus pure silk pillowcases. The two textures have their extraordinary preferences, and both are phenomenal decisions for keeping your hair in perfect condition consistently. 

PURE SILK PILLOWCASESYou have your excellence routine down to a science, and you have a devoted hair towel. All you need is a perfect pillowcase to take your excellence sleep to the following level. 

Bid farewell to terrible hair days and hi to lavish evenings. Get the perfect and pure silk pillowcases with a hair towel and guarantee that your hair remains dazzling morning and night.


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