Sleeping on silk – when an all around left well enough alone of beauty insiders – has gone standard. Pure silk bedding has become an incredible enemy of maturing items, and in light of current circumstances: utilizing a silk pillowcase conveys a wonderful lift to hair and skin while managing internal heat level and lessening presentation to allergens. 


You’ve most likely observed Kim Kardashian dragging along a sparkling, dark cushion each time she’s been papped before a flight. Other than the way that it might be comfier than your normal neck pads, the silk forms have a large group of different advantages. 


Silk has novel properties that make it different from different sorts of texture of cloth. Alongside being hypoallergenic, mulberry silk filaments are covered with sericin, a protein that makes them normally antibacterial, antifungal and impervious to tidy bugs and form. Silk likewise contains 18 accommodating amino acids that work condition hair and skin. Obviously, silk is a definitive texture for extravagance and comfort, one that practically ensures a decent night’s sleep, and is heat resistant too.


Hundred percent mulberry silk pillowcases made of pure indian silkworms are the best kind—they’re hypoallergenic and improved with normally happening proteins and amino acids that advance collagen creation. We requested that a skin master say something regarding whether they really work, and turns out, they do. 

sleep on silk

Sleep Silk Pillowcase

Here are five best reasons to dispose off the cotton and satin pillowcases and put down an interest in your smooth flawless skin and silky hair using silk pillowcases: 


#1 tip to sleep on silk: Sleeping on a silk pad makes your blow-dry last more and subdues frizz, as well. The normal properties of silk, including the less static can help decrease grinding in hair and in this way diminish hair harm, for example, split closures. For dry, fuzzy hair silk cushions are useful as silk holds dampness and diminishes frizz. So you can wake up glancing immaculate like in the films. 


#2 tips to sleep on silk: It doesn’t retain dampness. Cotton pillowcases suck out all the essential oils from your skin and hair while sleeping. Loads of moisture escape from your skin and hair while sleeping. Avoid this using a silk pillowcase. All your costly night care items really remain all over instead of getting focused on when you’ve quit hitting rest. A success for dry skin. 


#3 tip to sleep on silk: Moving to silk likewise advances clear skin. “Skin breakouts are diminished when utilizing silk cushions. This may be on the grounds that silk doesn’t get as much pore-stopping up microscopic organisms [as cotton].” Using a silk pillowcase prevents sleep wrinkles, so it is considered as an anti-ageing beauty product.

sleep on silk#4 tip to sleep on silk: Silk pillowcases fill in as an enemy of maturing gadget due to its sensitive nature. Not at all like ordinary covers that pull on and stretch your skin, these leave it unblemished and lessen puffiness. So, lesser sleep lines or untimely wrinkles! 


#5 tip to sleep on silk: Mulberry silk likewise fills in as a temperature mediator by continuously altering your body heat with the goal that you sleep charmingly as the night progresses. It works as a temperature regulator and keeps the skin hydrated.


Changing from a cotton pillowcase to a sleep silk pillowcase is a savvy delight move. A silk mulberry cushion can improve what you look like and feel from multiple points of view: 

  • Forestalling tangles, bed head, and hair breakage, particularly on wavy or bunched up hair 
  • Helping skin and hair hold basic dampness 
  • Decreasing grinding on the skin and limiting sleep wrinkles 
  • Shielding touchy skin from disturbance (silk is normally hypoallergenic!) 
  • Managing internal heat level 

sleep on silkMulberry Silk Is The Highest Quality Silk Available. Switch to sleep on silk today with Uber Silk.

The silkworms which produce this silk are fed only Mulberry leaves which makes the resulting silk more refined than other types of silk.

It is made up of long individual fibres and is pure white in color. Pure Mulberry Sleep Silk Pillowcase provides the shine and fluidity that is desired in every fabric.

Get your 100% pure mulberry silk pillow covers today!


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