How this Morning Routine Can Improve the Quality of your Life

Every habit that you want to change or create must be adapted to your individual personality, lifestyle, and challenges.

You know how frustrating it is to set out with great intentions and then fall apart a few weeks or days later? What then? Then, you can beat yourself up about not doing it right.

You have not failed. It is only that you have found something that does not work for you. Now it is time to find the right thing. You will not find the same thing that works for your friend, spouse, or colleague.

You can have a perfect morning routine that makes you happy and productive every day.

Instead of giving you a one-size-fits all morning routine, I will give you several options. It’s like a meal plan. With your personal motivations, goals and desires, you can choose the best fit for your life.

How this Morning Routine Can Improve the Quality of your Life

A Morning Routine: The Benefits

A morning routine can boost happiness, productivity, stress levels, and help you get grounded for the day. It’s all about getting off to the right start.

A morning routine allows you to set a goal for your day and not let it go. The day is yours to control, but the day doesn’t have to control you. This positive feeling of control has a positive effect on your whole day.

– Productivity Increases

– Lowers stress levels

– Grounds you

– Start your day right

– You control the day; the day doesn’t control you

  1. Mentally

This simply means that your mind includes thoughts, beliefs and values.

Here are some ways to make your morning positive.

  • Set goals.
  • Make a list.
  • Make a schedule for the day.
  • Find something that will feed your brain.

2. Emotionally

It is all about you feelings, emotions, and relationships. It can be described as everything that is connected to the heart.

Here are some things you can do for your emotional well-being to have a happy day.

  • Gratitude
  • Hug your child, spouse, or pet.
  • Make friends, family members, or anyone else who makes you feel happy, connected, and joyful.
  • Find what makes you feel good.

3. Physically

It’s all the things that we can do with our bodies or physical space. This could include how we eat and drink, what we do when we move, or anything else that affects our physical selves.

These are some ways to increase your physical well-being every morning.

  • Get moving.
  • Lemon water is a good choice.
  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast.
  • Get.
  • Clear out your physical space.

4. Spiritually

It can be anything that is related to you, as well as a feeling or inspiration. This means, “in spirit”. It doesn’t necessarily have to be religious, but it might for you. It is more about how you need to feel connected with something deeper, larger, or higher, and how you feel most connected within yourself.

Here are some examples.

  • Meditation.
  • Enjoy the natural world.
  • Theology.
  • Connect with yourself

Here are some MORE things to keep in mind

  1. A healthy morning routine begins the night before.

Quality sleep is crucial to a good start to your day. Get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep or whatever time works best for you. You need to be up earlier if you want to do your morning routine.

These are the basics of getting a good night’s rest:

Your electronics should be taken out at least one hour before you go to bed.

You should have a soft, comfortable mattress and pillow.

Establish a routine for sleep, minimize outside noise and sleep in darkened rooms.

Leon, Lifehack’s CEO, has an example to help you think about. He follows a consistent night-time routine that keeps him awake and alert.

  1. Keep it simple.

To get you started, find one or two things that work for you (maximum three). You can start with a small win and then work your way up.

I wouldn’t advise you to choose eight things and then give up or beat yourself up for not being able to make it work. You won’t accomplish anything if you have too many things on your plate. You will eventually want at least one activity in each of these four categories. However, you can always start small and build up.

  1. Test drive it.

After you have settled on a few ideas that work for you, you can try them out for a few days to see if they work or not. You need to stick with something for at least 21 days.

  1. Reminder

Place something that reminds of your morning routine. These are 24 habit-tracking apps that you might consider.

If you are more traditional like me, you can find a symbol that reminds you of what you are doing – a Post-it note, a note on your fridge, or any other symbol.

  1. Incorporate.

Instead of adding to your ‘to do’ list, find ways to incorporate your morning routine into your daily life. Double up by finding activities that cover multiple parts of your body.

It’s time to create your ultimate morning routine!

Now that you have looked at the menu, it is time to choose what you want to eat. Now it’s time for you to design your perfect morning routine.

As with everything in life, there is no one-size fits all approach. You can be:

Positive energy is what makes someone thrive. Make sure that whatever you do first brings you that boost of positivity.

If you need a plan, try these three Post-it strategies or make your own plan.

If you are someone who is physically demanding, take up running or hiking in the morning.

If you are someone who thinks, make time to read, write, and strategize.

Meditation is a good option for someone who has a racing mind.

Think about what resonates most with you. Is it five minutes or one hour? Is it something that will give you energy or grounding?

Perhaps there were a few ideas that stood out or one you know you must do. With your current situation and all that you know, what can you make a commitment to now?

Do it. Start tomorrow morning.

How this Morning Routine Can Improve the Quality of your Life
How this Morning Routine Can Improve the Quality of your Life

You will be happier, more productive, energized, and more thankful that you did!

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